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J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2020

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О книге

America’s bestselling tax guide—prepare your 2019 taxes with ease! For over 70 years, millions of taxpayers have trusted J. K. Lasser to provide accurate, authoritative guidance. Fullyupdated to reflect the latest changes to the 2019 tax code, Your Income Tax 2020 gives you step-by-step instructions for easy, stress-free filing. This invaluable book walks you through every part of the filing process in plain English, from organizing your records to navigating IRS worksheets and filling out the correct forms. Clear, easy-to-understand advice enables you to maximize deductions, protect income, and use the best tax strategy for your financial situation. Hundreds of real-world examples show which current tax laws, IRS rulings, and court decisions apply to you and how they affect your return. Straightforward yet comprehensive, this respected resource answers all your questions and supplies everything you need to know for complete, error-free tax filing. Special features inserted throughout the text highlight important concepts, offer practical tips, and help you plan your overall tax strategy. With J. K. Lasser’s help, you can submit your return correctly, on time, and save more money than you expected. This must-have guide will help you: Complete the various forms and worksheets correctly Optimize the filing process and streamline next year's filing Ensure you receive the maximum tax relief available to you Eliminate the fear of mistakes, errors, and audits Stay informed of last-minute changes with n included e-supplement Filling your taxes doesn’t have to be stressful and confusing. You don’t need to study every line of the tax code and pore over every IRS publication. That is what J. K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2020 is for.

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