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Team Rules: Managing Change in the Digital Era

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Would you like to become the best version of yourself in management and master the techniques of creating a team capable of acting as a balanced unit, complementing each other, and approaching changes and innovations with a positive mindset and enthusiasm? Do you desire a team that takes responsibility for the organization's development, refines existing processes, and maintains a strong focus on results? If so, “Team Rules: Managing Change in the Digital Era” is exactly what you need. The book explores a modern leadership model and 10 change management strategies that have proven successful in today’s digital world. By leveraging these strategies, you can build a team of like-minded individuals capable of:

• Efficiently organizing and autonomously improving processes;

• Anticipating and promptly addressing client expectations with suitable changes;

• Enhancing their performance through digital tools, by unlocking their inner potential and scaling up best practices;

• Striving for maximum results, while avoiding bureaucratic processes and toxic reactions;

• Investing personal resources such as effort, time and energy to achieve a shared result.

An important aspect highlighted in this book is the provision of practical tools for engaging employees in the implementation of necessary changes by fostering a corporate culture of innovation and creating an environment that not only encourages self-learning and the development of new competencies but also drives team members to improve the organization's performance and adapt to a dynamic (or turbulent) environment by generating new solutions.

You have in your possession a comprehensive desktop toolkit for a successful leader in the digital era, complete with abstracts from expert articles, research papers, and real-life stories. Each chapter contains genuine cases supported by analysis and insight from experts, equipping you with 80 % practical and 20 % theoretical knowledge that is essential for achieving a systemic level of expertise in change management, as well as organizational, team, and personal development.

This book will undoubtedly prove valuable to experienced leaders who want to hone their leadership skills in an era of constant change, as well as to those who have recently embarked on their career journey. It will also be of interest to middle managers, heads of business units, and HR managers seeking to nourish their management skills or transition into the role of business partners.

На английском читать больно. Не умеют наши пока качественно и натурально делать перевода. Все-таки видно, что это либо перевод, либо написано не носителем. Но идея хорошая. Нашим авторам есть чем поделиться с миром.

The book makes a valuable reading for managers at any level. It is packed with practical examples and expert commentary from various business sectors and spheres. Written in a clear and concise language, it's a quick and easy read.

The author encourages organizations to adapt to changes, not just technically, but also emotionally. I appreciate how the book seamlessly blends personal insights with professional advice. Leaders and their teams are viewed as living organisms. Significant attention is given to the team, emphasizing how toxicity and bureaucracy can ruin a company from within by draining motivation, increasing stress levels, and destroying inspiration. The book provides tools on how to overcome these challenges, with real-life cases and stories from the author's own experiences, making it relatable and easily digestible. While it may seem to be primarily targeted at managers, HR professionals will also find it beneficial. I particularly like the part on turning learning into engaging processes.

The book is about such an important process as building a team. A lot of attention is paid to the current topic of changes and leadership skills. The author tells you how to become a strong leader and lead your team. There are many examples, algorithms and business cases in the text. The book will be useful for managers and HR.

I’ve been following Oksana on social media for quite some time, I really enjoy her practical approach, which you can also feel in this book. And this is what makes it different from most modern works on leadership – the scientific hands-on learning approach. In particular, I liked her emphasis on digital environment. The book corresponds to the real request of an entrepreneur – because, the most important thing is to find the right people and know how to work with them, this is the key to success of any company. The book also focuses on such problems as effective business process management, the ability to quickly and successfully embrace change and adapt effectively in response – things which many brands now lack, but unfortunately do not yet realize this. It's great that the book pays so much attention to these points. I hope this work will eventually end in the hands of top managers, making decisions, who will be able to follow the lead.

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