How to learn to sculpt?

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How to learn to sculpt?
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Dear reader! Welcome to the world of modeling. This book is dedicated to how I learn to sculpt and how you will learn. I study and have always studied by myself, I did not go to any design studios or art schools. In general, I am self-taught. Modeling is one of my favorite hobbies, I have been doing it for more than four years. I can recommend it to everyone. The only disadvantage for many is that such a hobby is very time-consuming. But the time spent also gives its plus, the first is that you can enjoy the process of creating a model, the second, modeling calms down very well, you can relax and do what you love. Well, let's go to this wonderful world of modeling.

Chapter 1 How to decide?

You can write this book forever, but the main thing is to start, and you can finish it anytime. We will start with how to determine what to sculpt. The most banal way is to sit down and think about what you want to create. But not everyone succeeds. I decided thanks to youtube video hosting. I saw a man making cars out of sculptural plasticine. He was very good at it. The first time was terrible. Many people mistakenly think that everything will turn out great right away, but it's not. I was so wrong at first, too, but then I realized. Initially, everything will turn out terribly, but over time you will achieve success. I advise you to decide on your liking. What the soul desires, then sculpt. Well, if this method did not work, then the third method is for you. Just start doing everything and continue what you liked and it turned out better. I advise you to start sculpting something light and gradually move on to more complex models. So you can gain more experience. And when you do something difficult, you will already have a support for what you did before. And you will start to get everything.

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