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I Dream About You Every Day

I dream about you every day

In every shape, and form, and way.

I think about you all the time.

I am committing a love crime.

I feel the best when I'm with you.

You won't believe what you can do

To me when we spend time together,

Regardless of the place, the time, the weather.

You drive me crazy when we touch, kiss, and embrace,

When we're looking at each other face to face.

You grow more dear and beautiful to me each time we meet.

When I'm with you, I can forget to drink, to sleep, to eat.

You've earned a place deep in my heart.

My feelings for you are a form of priceless art

That I express to you the best I can.

You help me be a better man.

I Dream About You Every Night

I dream about you every night.

You are a wonderful delight.

I dream about you every day.

I’m fond of you, what can I say.

You’re my cocaine, my alcohol.

You’re the one who makes me whole.

I always want you to be close.

I want to get an overdose.

I am addicted to your touch.

I want to be with you so much.

I’m growing more and more in love

With you and praise the God above

For all the things that we go through.

They are so pleasant, lovely, and so true

That I enjoy the moments of this life I share

With you. You’re an answer to my prayer.

Every Morning

I think about you every morning.

I feel a wholesome, heartful longing

To be with you as often as I can.

I've become your most devoted fan.

I strive for you each time I go to sleep.

My feelings for you are so very deep

That I can't get you out of my head.

I want to share with you my bed.

I love to kiss and hold you in my arms.

I am disarmed by your seductive charms.

I've never really felt so good before,

And I'm sure I adore you to the core.

I want to say I'll always be there for you,

And I'll help you with the things that you go through.

Together, we'll leave all of our problems behind

To live our best lives confidently, unconfined.

The Time With You

I love the time I spend with you.

I start to live and breathe anew.

It feels so good, and nice, and warm,

My feelings raging like a storm

That's growing stronger every day.

I hope it never goes away,

So I can dream of you again.

Without you, life is such a pain.

But it's so cool with you around.

And I've been thinking that I'm bound

To tell you that you mean a lot to me.

It's really wonderful, don't you agree?

Lame No More

And no more do I feel so lame.

Not meeting you before is such a shame.

The moment that I saw you in the bar,

I thought my feels for you would go so far.

And when we talked, we laughed and drank,

I felt so great and chill, and my heart sank.

It made me feel so nice, so wholesome and secure.

I drank cocktails, I drank affection for you pure.

And when we left, we rode a scooter.

I think you really hacked my love computer.

We had the fun, the thrill, the speed.

You gave me everything that I could ever need.

And then we met again to watch a movie,

It made me feel it was created by some loony.

But I cared not, I was with you – it was amazing.

The night was ended with a kiss extremely blazing.

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