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    In fact, this is a whole cave system, which is considered to be the longest in the world, so if the speleologist is drowsy in you – here. To the mammoths, this cave, which appeared as much as 10 million years ago, has no relation – this name appeared due to the play of words in the English language, according to which one of the meanings of the word «mammoth» is huge. Earlier on the underground river Echo, which is located on one of the lower levels, excursions were conducted on boats, but now this practice is a thing of the past. Although this underground kingdom may seem somewhat eerie, it definitely has a unique beauty. 5. FLY GEYSER Fly is a geyser that has become one of the most famous in the world, despite the rather small height, which jets of water rises (it is only 1.5 meters). The geyser is surrounded by very beautiful stone formations, the color of which, due to mineral layers and algae, is very unusual, and represents a single natural ensemble. 6. LAKE CASCO Lake Caddo Texas Considering the photos of this unusual lake, you might think that it is straight from a mystical film – it has such an unusual atmosphere. The labyrinth of the channel, surrounded by rare Arizona cypresses, attracts travelers: when going for a walk along this water system, it is worthwhile to be cautious, because sometimes people are lost here (however, they are found alive and unharmed). At first sight, because of the countless number of water lilies and covered with duckweed lawns, Caddo resembles a swamp, but the water here is clean and fresh, and the natural complex is very beautiful.