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Yogurt dreams. Adapted fairy tale for translation from English into Spanish and retelling. Series © Linguistic ReanimatorТекст

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Illustrator Tatiana Oliva Morales

Cover designer Tatiana Oliva Morales

© Tatiana Oliva Morales, 2020

© Tatiana Oliva Morales, illustrations, 2020

© Tatiana Oliva Morales, cover design, 2020

ISBN 978-5-4498-2333-5

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Copying the methodology in order to use this book for writing a manuscript of a study guide, namely: filing foreign / Russian words in brackets or over their corresponding Russian / foreign equivalents, marking up sentences with special notation as shown in this study guide; reprinting, reproduction by electronic means or by any other means of the entire book or any part of it is allowed only with the written permission of the author.


The book consists of an exercise to translate an English fairy tale, adapted according to the methodology © Linguistic Reanimator, from English into Spanish; and 2 exercises for retelling of non-adapted English and Spanish versions of the same tale. Exercise 1 has the key. The tale contains 1142 English / Spanish words and phrases. By complexity, the book corresponds to levels B1 – B2. It is recommended for schoolchildren, as well as for a wide range of people studying English and Spanish.

The number of words you need to know for the following purposes of using a foreign language

For “survival” in an environment without a translator – 120

For daily communication on general topics – 2000

For reading simple texts of general subjects – 4,000 – 5,000

Reading dificult texts – 10,000

Native Speaker Level – 10,000 – 20,000

From the author

This book can be used as a tutorial. If you need additional consultations or classes, you can contact me. Consultations / classes in person or via Skype are possible.

My contact details

Tel 8 925 184 37 07

Skype: oliva-morales

E-mail: oliva-morales@mail.ru




Tatiana Oliva Morales

About the © Linguistic Reanimator series

All the English and Spanish language © Linguistic Reanimator Series books can significantly reduce the training period of a foreign language course and improve the quality of learning of new words and normative grammar by a student.

Their advantage is foreign words and (sometimes) transcription in brackets next to the word in a sentence. Using this technique, a student never studied English / Spanish before, having no vocabulary, can begin translating from Russian into English / Spanish, from Spanish into English or from English into Spanish.

The technique allows you to learn new English / Spanish words and phrases easily, and quickly; improving the skills of correct translation into a foreign language.

All the © Linguistic Reanimator Series books have been written for “my dificult students”, for those who needed to obtain a large amount of high-quality knowledge in a short period of time. The latter is the aim of all the textbooks of this series.



…-there should be a definite or indefinite article in this place.

! – you should consider what preposition should be in front of the next group of words.

* – irregular verb.

we (nosotros) – English word / its Spanish equivalent.

you (Usted) 2.read (leer) 1.it (lo) – the numbers in front of the words mean their order in the sentence.

your (-) – this word does not need to be translated into Spanish.

white houses (casa.. blanco..) – you should change gender and / or number of the words.

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