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"The Fair Maid of Perth," the daughter of a sturdy glover of that city, is the central figure of a romance of the time of Robert III of Scotland. Prince David, his dissolute son, is the connecting link between court and people, and the story is likewise concerned with the feuds of warring elans which stained so many pages of Scottish history.

The best swordsman in all Perth is the doughty armorer, Henry Smith. Brave in other quarters, however, he is easily frightened by the mere presence of Catharine Glover, the «Fair Maid,» whom he loves devotedly. His devotion is soon put to good service in beating off a party of roystering courtiers who have placed a scaling ladder underneath her window with evil intent. He cuts off the hand of Sir John Ramorny in the melee, and the party take to flight. As this is St. Valentine's Eve, Smith is rewarded by being chosen the valentine of Catharine for the ensuing twelvemonth, according to a local custom. Citizens indignant at the attack of the courtiers lay the matter before the provost who in turn brings it before the King. The King learns that his son David, Duke of Rothsay, has been among the roysterers, and he orders that Ramorny—who has been the prince's master of horse—shall be dismissed from his service …

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