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© ООО «Издательство АСТ», 2017

Кот в сапогах / Puss in Boots

Адаптация текста, составление упражнений и комментариев А. А. Пахомовой.

Иллюстрации К. С. Савченко

There was a miller whose only inheritance to his three sons was his mill, his donkey, and his cat. The division was soon made. The eldest took the mill, the second the donkey, and the youngest took the cat.

The poor young fellow was quite comfortless because he received so little. “My brothers,” said he, “may make a handsome living by joining their shares together, but for my part, after I have eaten up my cat and made myself a muff from his skin, I must then die of hunger.”

The cat, who heard all this but pretended otherwise, said to him serious, “Do not be so concerned, my good master. If you will give me a bag and have a pair of boots made for me that I may scamper through the dirt and the brambles, then you shall see that you are not so poorly off with me as you imagine.”

The cat’s master did not believe him very much. However, he had often seen him play a great many cunning tricks to catch rats and mice,[1] such as hanging by his heels or hiding himself in the meal and pretending to be dead, so he did take some hope that he might give him some help in his miserable condition.[2]

After receiving what he had asked for, the cat gallantly pulled on the boots and slung the bag about his neck. Holding its drawstrings in his forepaws,[3] he went to a place where there were a lot of rabbits. He put some bran and greens into his bag, then laid down as if he were dead. He waited for some young rabbits to come and look into his bag.

Soon, a rash and foolish young rabbit jumped into his bag, and the master cat immediately closed the strings, then took and killed him without pity.[4]

Proud of his prey, he went with it to the palace, and asked to speak with his majesty. He was shown upstairs into the king’s apartment[5] and, making a low bow,[6] said to him, “Sir, I have brought you a rabbit from my noble lord,[7] the Master of Carabas” (for that was the title which the cat was pleased to give his master).

“Tell your master,” said the king, “that I thank him and that I am very pleased with his gift.”

Another time he went and hid himself in a grain field. He again held his bag open, and when a brace of partridges[8] ran into it, he drew the strings and caught them both. He presented these to the king, as he had done before with the rabbit. The king received the partridges with great pleasure and gave him a tip. The cat continued, from time to time[9] for two or three months, to take game[10] to his majesty from his master.

One day, when he knew for certain[11] that the king would be taking a drive along the riverside with his daughter, the most beautiful princess in the world, he said to his master, “If you follow my advice, your fortune is made. All you must do is to go and bathe yourself in the river at the place I show you, then leave the rest to me.”

The Marquis of Carabas did what the cat advised him to, without knowing why.[12] While he was bathing, the king passed by in his coach, and the cat began to cry out, “Help! Help! My Lord Marquis of Carabas is going to be drowned.”

At this noise, the king put his head out of the coach window and saw that it was the cat who had so often brought him such good game, so he commanded his guards to help the Marquis of Carabas. While they were drawing the poor Marquis out of the river, the cat came up to the coach and told the king that while his master was bathing, some rogues had stolen his clothes, even though he had cried out, “Thieves! Thieves!” several times as loud as he could.[13] In truth, the cunning cat had hidden the clothes under a large stone.

The king immediately commanded the officers of his wardrobe to run and fetch one of his best suits for the Lord Marquis of Carabas.

The king received him very courteously.[14] And because the king’s fine clothes gave him a striking appearance (for[15] he was very handsome and well proportioned), the king’s daughter took a secret inclination to him. The Marquis of Carabas had only to look at her a couple of times, and she fell head over heels in love with him.[16] The king asked him to enter the coach and join them.


The cat ran on ahead.[17] Meeting some countrymen who were mowing a meadow,[18] he said to them, “My good fellows, if you do not tell the king that the meadow you are mowing belongs to my Lord Marquis of Carabas, you shall be chopped up like mincemeat.[19]

The king asked the mowers whose meadow it was that they were mowing.

“It belongs to my Lord Marquis of Carabas,” they answered altogether because the cat had frightened them.

“You see, sir,” said the Marquis, “this is a meadow which always yield a plentiful harvest every year.”

The master cat, still running on ahead, met with some reapers and said to them, “My good fellows, if you do not tell the king that all this grain belongs to the Marquis of Carabas, you shall be chopped up like mincemeat.”

The king, who passed by a moment later, asked them whose grain it was that they were reaping.

“It belongs to my Lord Marquis of Carabas,” replied the reapers, which pleased both the king and the marquis. The king congratulated him for his fine harvest. The master cat continued to run ahead and said the same words to all he met. The king was surprised at the big estates of the Lord Marquis of Carabas.

The master cat came at last to a castle, the lord of which was an ogre, the richest that had ever been known.[20] All the lands which the king had just passed by belonged to this castle. The cat, who found out who this ogre was and what he could do, asked to speak with him, saying he could not pass so near his castle without having the honor of paying his respects to him.

The ogre received him as civilly as an ogre could do and invited him to sit down. “I have heard,” said the cat, “that you are able to change yourself into any kind of creature. You can, for example, transform yourself into a lion, an elephant, or the like.”

“That is true,” answered the ogre, “and to convince you, I shall now become a lion.”

The cat was so terrified to see a lion so near him that he leaped onto the roof, that was even more difficult for him because his boots didn’t help him to walk on the tiles. However, the ogre resumed his natural form, and the cat came down, saying that he had been very frightened indeed.

“I have further been told,” said the cat, “that you can also transform yourself into the smallest of animals, for example, a rat or a mouse. But I can scarcely believe that. I think that that would be quite impossible.”

“Impossible!” cried the ogre. “You shall see!”

He immediately changed himself into a mouse and began to run about the floor. As soon as the cat saw this, he fell upon him and ate him up.

Meanwhile the king, who saw this fine castle of the ogre’s as he passed, decided to go inside. The cat, who heard the noise of his majesty’s coach running over the drawbridge, ran out and said to the king, “Your majesty is welcome to this castle of my Lord Marquis of Carabas.”

“What! My Lord Marquis,” cried the king, “and does this castle also belong to you? There can be nothing finer than this court and all the stately buildings which surround it. Let us go inside, if you don’t mind.[21]

The marquis gave his hand to the princess and followed the king, who went first. They passed into a spacious hall, where they found a magnificent feast, which the ogre had prepared for his friends, who were coming to visit him that very day but dared not to enter, knowing the king was there.

His majesty was perfectly charmed with the good qualities of my Lord Marquis of Carabas, as was his daughter, who had fallen violently in love with him. Seeing the vast estate he possessed, the king said to him, after having drunk five or six glasses, “It will be your own fault, my Lord Marquis, if you do not become my son-in-law.”

The marquis, making several low bows, accepted the honor which his majesty conferred upon him[22] and that very same day married the princess.

The cat became a great lord and never again ran after mice, except for entertainment.


1. Ответьте на вопросы:

1. How many sons did the miller have?

2. What did the eldest son take?

3. What did the cat ask his new master for?

4. How did the cat catch the rabbit?

5. What title did the cat give to his master?

6. Was the king pleased with the gifts?

7. Who was passing by the riverside?

8. Did the meadow belong to the Marquis of Carabas?

9. How did the ogre die?

10. Whom did the Marquis of Carabas marry?

2. Расставьте предложения в правильном порядке:

a) “Sir, I have brought you a rabbit from my noble lord, the Marquis of Carabas”.

b) He commanded his guards to help the Marquis of Carabas.

c) “There can be nothing finer than this court and all the stately buildings which surround it,” said the king.

d) After receiving what he had asked for, the cat gallantly pulled on the boots and slung the bag about his neck.

e) The cat became a great lord and never again ran after mice, except for entertainment.

f) There was a miller whose only inheritance to his three sons was his mill, his donkey, and his cat.

g) The king was surprised at the big estates of the Lord Marquis of Carabas.

3. Заполните пропуски:

1. The eldest took _____________, the second _____________, and the youngest took the cat.

2. The cat continued, from time to time for two or three months, to take __ to his majesty from his master.

3. If you follow my ________, your fortune is made.

4. The cat ran ____________.

5. Let us go inside, if you _____________.

6. It will be your own __ my Lord Marquis, if you do not become my _____________.

7. The cat became a great _______ and never again ran after mice, except for _____________.

4. Поставьте глаголы в Present Indefinite:

1. The poor young fellow was quite comfortless.

2. He went to a place where were a lot of rabbits.

3. He again held his bag open, and when a brace of partridges ran into it, he drew the strings, and caught them both.

4. The cat, who found out who this ogre was and what he could do, asked to speak with him.

5. The cat became a great lord.

5. Узнайте слова:

6. Скажите иначе:

1. The only inheritance of the miller to his three sons was his mill, his donkey, and his cat.

2. The king received him very courteously.

3. I can scarcely believe that.

4. Let us go inside, if you don’t mind.

5. Meanwhile the king decided to go inside.

7. Соотнесите английские слова с переводом:

8. Заполните таблицу формами неправильных глаголов:

Волшебная лампа Аладдина / The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Адаптация текста, составление упражнений, комментариев С. А. Матвеева.

Иллюстрации М. М. Салтыкова

Once upon a time there lived a poor tailor. He had a son Aladdin. This boy was very idle; he wanted to do nothing but play[23] all day long. Soon his father fell sick[24] and died.

One day Aladdin was sitting in the street and playing with his friends, a stranger came along.[25] The stranger was a magician. And he asked Aladdin, “Boy, are you not the son of the tailor?”

Aladdin answered, “Yes, O my master, but my father is dead.”

The magician began to weep. Aladdin asked the stranger, “Did you know my father?”

The stranger replied, “My boy, your father was my brother! And now he is dead. O my son, where is your house, and where is your mother?”

Aladdin showed him the way to their house, and the sorcerer gave him some coins, “Take this money, give it to your mother and tell her that your uncle came.”

When the uncle saw the poor woman, he said, “I am your husband’s brother. Forty years ago I left this city and travelled around the world. I visited India and China, and Arabia, and Egypt. I studied magic there.”

The woman answered, “Indeed, my husband had a brother. But I always thought he was dead.”


“No, that’s not true, I’m alive! Please tell me about this boy.”

“This is my son, and he is very lazy. He doesn’t like to work; he wants to play all day long.”

“That’s a pity,” said the magician. “But tomorrow I will show him something useful.”

The next day the magician took Aladdin to the market and bought him a new dress. Then he led Aladdin from garden to garden till they came to a hill. Aladdin asked his uncle, “My uncle, where do we go? We came to the mountain. There are no more gardens ahead, so let us turn[26] and go back to the city.”

But his uncle replied, “No, my son. This is the road, and it is not an end of the gardens.”

At last[27] they came to two mountains. The stranger said, “Gather up[28] thin dry sticks to make a fire.”

Aladdin collected small dry sticks. His uncle burnt an incense and said mysterious words. Aladdin tried to run away,[29] but the magician caught him and gave him a blow.[30]

The poor boy asked, “Why do you beat me?”

His uncle answered, “My son, obey me, and shortly you will forget all your troubles.”

Suddenly the earth opened. There appeared a square flat stone with a brass ring in the middle.

The wizard said to Aladdin, “If you do what I tell you, you will become richer than all the kings put together.[31] There is buried here a treasure[32] which is deposited in your name. No one else may touch it. Put your hand to the ring and raise the stone, only you have the power to open it. This treasure is immense. It is all for you and for me.”

So poor Aladdin said, “O my uncle, command me and I will obey you.”

And the wizard said to him, “You are like my own child! Go to that ring and lift it. And repeat your name and the names of your father and mother.”

So Aladdin said the names of his parents and lifted the stone. Before him lay[33] twelve steps.

The wizard said to him, “Aladdin, descend carefully there. You will find a place divided into three large halls. In each hall you will see four golden jars. Don’t touch anything, or you will die. Leave them and go on to the fourth hall. You will find a door. Open the door, enter, and you will see a garden full of fruit trees. Then you will see a ladder of about fifty steps. Come to a niche in a terrace. There stands a lighted lamp. Bring it to me.”

He gave a ring to Aladdin, and said, “My son, this ring will guard you. You will become the richest man in the world!”

So Aladdin went down into the cave. He found the halls and the golden jars. Then he came to the garden and went through it till he found the ladder. He climbed the ladder, took the Lamp, and went down into the garden.

The trees were all covered with precious stones instead of fruit. Each tree was of a different kind and had different jewels, of all colours, green and white and yellow and red and other colours. Aladdin gathered pockets full of them and said, “I will gather these glass fruits and play with them at home.”

When he came to the steps, he was unable to climb them by himself, without help. And he called to the magician, “O my uncle, give me your hand and help me to get up.” The wizard replied, “Give me the Lamp, it is very heavy.”

But Aladdin answered, “No, the Lamp is not heavy at all. Give me only your hand, and when I am up,[34] I will give you the Lamp.”

But the wizard wanted only the Lamp and became very angry. The wizard cried, “You silly boy! You will stay here for ever![35]” He said magical words and threw the stick into the fire. Immediately the earth closed again. Aladdin remained under the ground. The magician was just a stranger and no uncle of Aladdin. He read in his magic books about a wonderful Lamp. This Lamp could make him the most powerful man in the world. He heaped the earth over Aladdin. Then he went away.

But as for[36] Aladdin, he began to call his uncle. He shouted, and no one answered him. Then he understood that the stranger was no uncle at all.[37] So Aladdin began to weep.

Then he began to look for[38] an exit. The doors were shut. But he noticed the ring! The false uncle gave him a ring and said, “This ring will guard you from all danger.”

So Aladdin rubbed the ring. Immediately a Jinn appeared before him and cried, “Here I am, your slave, between your hands. Ask what you want, for I see the ring of my master.”

When Aladdin saw the Jinn, he was very afraid. But the Jinn said, “Ask what you want, I am your servant, for the ring is on your hand.”

Aladdin said, “Deliver me from this place!” And the earth opened, and he found himself outside.[39]

Aladdin came back home. He told his mother what happened and showed her the Lamp and the fruits.

Aladdin said to his mother, “Ah, my mother, that false uncle wanted to kill me! He is a sorcerer, a liar.”

In the morning his mother said to him, “We don’t have anything to eat.”

Aladdin replied, “Mother, give me the Lamp. I think we can sell it.”

She brought the Lamp. But it was very dirty, so she said, “We need to clean and polish it.”

She took a handful of sand and began to rub the lamp. Instantly a great Jinn appeared. “I am the Slave of the Lamp. What do you want?” The mother was very afraid and could not say a word.

Aladdin said, “O Slave of the Lamp, I am hungry. Bring me something to eat!” The Jinn brought him a magnificent tray, made of pure silver. On the tray there were twelve golden dishes of various delicious foods and two silver cups of clear water.

So they began to eat. After that Aladdin said, “The false uncle didn’t want gold or silver. He ordered me to bring him the Lamp. He knew its great value. But he tried to kill me, and he went away, so now this Lamp is mine. It will make us rich.”

When they ate all the food, Aladdin sold one of the golden plates. Then the Jinn gave him another set of plates. Thus they lived happily for many years.

And he learned that the “fruits” which he gathered in the Treasury were not of glass or crystal. These things were precious stones. And he knew that he was very rich.

One day Aladdin heard an order from the Sultan, “Let all the people close their stores and shops and stay home! The daughter of the Sultan will go to and from the bath.”

When Aladdin heard this order, he said, “All the people talk of her beauty. I want to see her face!” But this was very difficult because she always went veiled.[40]

So Aladdin began to think about how to see the face of the daughter of the Sultan. It seemed best to him[41] to stand behind the door of the bath so as to see her face when she came in. He went to the bath before her and stood behind the door. When the daughter of the Sultan appeared, she lifted her veil, and Aladdin saw her face. It was like a sun or a pearl of great price. He fell in love with her at first sight.[42]

He returned to his mother. His mother spoke to him, but he did not reply and did not eat. So she asked, “O my son, what happened to you? Are you sick?”

Then Aladdin turned to his mother and said to her, “O my mother, I am well and not sick at all. But I saw the daughter of the Sultan. I fell in love with her. I want to marry her!”

When his mother heard his words, she feared, “O my son! You are mad. She is the Sultan’s daughter.”

Aladdin answered, “No, I’m not mad. I will win the lovely princess! I cannot live without her. I will marry her.”

His mother said to him, “But who will tell Sultan about it? You can not tell him yourself. You must find a right person.[43]

Aladdin answered, “I have you! Please ask the Sultan about his daughter.”

His mother said, “Cast away[44] this thought and think whose son you are. You are the child of a poor tailor. And I am very poor, too. So how can you ask about marriage to a daughter of the Sultan?”

But at last she agreed to go.

His mother took a napkin and laid in it the magic fruits from the magical garden. They shone like the most beautiful jewels. She entered the palace hall. But the Sultan did not notice her.

She went every day and stood in the same place.

On the sixth day the Sultan said to his vizir, “Every day I see a woman. She carries something in a napkin. Who is she? Call her next time, I will see what she wants.”

11 he had often seen him play a great many cunning tricks to catch rats and mice – он часто видел, как тот проделывал разные уловки, чтобы поймать мышей и крыс
22 miserable condition – жалкое положение
33 Holding its drawstrings in his forepaws – Держа шнурки в передних лапах
44 without pity – без сожаления
55 He was shown upstairs into the king’s apartment – Его провели наверх в покои короля
66 low bow – низкий поклон
77 my noble lord – мой благородный лорд
88 a brace of partridges – пара куропаток
99 from time to time – время от времени
1010 to take game – приносить добычу
1111 for certain – наверняка
1212 without knowing why – не зная почему
1313 as loud as he could – так громко, как мог
1414 The king received him very courteously. – Король принял его очень вежливо.
1515 for – так как
1616 she fell head over heels in love with him – она влюбилась в него по уши
1717 on ahead – вперед
1818 who were mowing a meadow – которые косили луга
1919 you shall be chopped up like mincemeat – вы будете изрублены на фарш
2020 that had ever been known – которого когда-либо знали
2121 if you don’t mind – если вы не возражаете
2222 accepted the honor which his majesty conferred upon him – принял почет, которым одарил его король
2323 do nothing but play – не делать ничего другого, как играть
2424 fell sick – заболел
2525 came along – подошёл
2626 let us turn – давай повернём
2727 at last – наконец, в конце концов
2828 Gather up – Собери
2929 run away – убежать
3030 gave him a blow – стукнул его
3131 all the kings put together – все цари, взятые вместе
3232 There is buried here a treasure – Здесь лежит сокровище
3333 Обратите внимание на схожие по написанию глаголы: to lie (прошедшее время lay) – лежать, to lie (прошедшее время lied) – лгать, to lay (прошедшее время laid) – класть.
3434 when I am up – когда я окажусь наверху
3535 for ever – навсегда
3636 as for – что касается
3737 was no uncle at all – не был никаким дядей
3838 look for – искать
3939 found himself outside – очутился снаружи
4040 she always went veiled – она всегда была под вуалью
4141 It seemed best to him – Ему показалось, что будет лучше всего
4242 fell in love with her at first sight – влюбился в неё с первого взгляда
4343 find a right person – найти подходящего человека
4444 cast away – отбрось, выбрось
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