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Procrastination Equation

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Using a mix of psychology, science, self-help, and a decade of groundbreaking research, Dr. Piers Steel, internationally recognized as the foremost authority on procrastination, explains why procrastination is dangerously on the rise and tells us how to overcome the destructive patterns that affect our health and happiness to create more positive lives.If you think you are not one of the 95 percent of those of us who procrastinate, take Dr. Steel's test in The Procrastination Equation. Or if you think you procrastinate because you're a perfectionistyou're wrong. So, why do we surf the Web instead of finishing overdue projects? Why do we say we'll start that diettomorrow? Why do we stay up late watching television instead of going to bed? And how do we overcome these bad habits that we know work against our best intentions? Based on more than a decade of research, and written with humor, humanity, and solid science, The Procrastination Equation explains why we do what we door, in this case, don'toffering answers to such questions as:Are we biologically hardwired to procrastinate? If so, why?How does procrastination cost us?What tricks do we play on ourselves when we procrastinate at work, school, and home?If visualizing our dreams isn't enough to make them real, then what steps must we take?Along the way, Dr. Steel dispels the myths and misunderstandings of motivation and procrastination, replacing them with a clear explanation of why we put off until tomorrow what we should be doing today. He then offers specific techniques we can use to tame and prevent the bad habits that adversely affect our health, happiness, and careers, all the while celebrating the very human foibles that make us who we are. The Procrastination Equation is the definitive and accessible guide for anyone who struggles with this age-old dilemma.

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  • Дата выхода на ЛитРес: 24 апреля 2013
  • Дата написания: 2010
  • Правообладатель: Gardners Books
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