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Lauren Weisberger 3-Book Collection: Everyone Worth Knowing, Chasing Harry Winston, Last Night at Chateau Marmont Текст

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Bestselling author Lauren Weisberger’s three standalone novels, the perfect read for any fan of the bestselling THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.EVERYONE WORTH KNOWING, CHASING HARRY WINSTON and LAST NIGHT AT CHATEAU MARMONT, for sale as an ebook set for the first time.In EVERYONE WORTH KNOWING, Bette gets paid to party. Hanging out with celebs in the VIP section of New York’s hottest clubs is a million miles from her old banking jobs. But when she shows up in the gossip columns with a notorious playboy, she starts to wonder if she’s lost her way. Can Bette say goodbye to the glamour and the Gucci and step back in to the real world?In CHASING HARRY WINSTON, three best friends make a pact over cocktails one night – this year everything is going to change. Emmy is going to find a man on every continent for some no-strings fun, Adriana is going to secure a diamond for her left hand, and Leigh doesn’t know what to change, her life is perfect – isn’t it?In LAST NIGHT AT CHATEAU MARMONT, Brooke and Julian are living happily in New York, Brooke as breadwinner and Julian as a struggling musician. But when Julian is discovered by a Sony exec he becomes an overnight success – and their world is turned upside down. Can their marriage survive new-found fame and fortune, with all its highs and lows?

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  • Дата выхода на ЛитРес: 26 декабря 2018
  • Объем: 1240 стр. 10 иллюстраций
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