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Saint Odd
Dean Koontz
A Big Little Life
Dean Koontz
Darkness Under the Sun
Dean Koontz
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The complete five book series. From the master storyteller comes a powerful reworking of an all-time classic. Welcome to the mystery, the myth, the terror and the magic of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein…If you think you know the legend, you know only half the truth…In modern-day New Orleans, Victor Frankenstein is creating a near-immortal race of killers: they are stronger, heal better, and think faster than humans – and not even Victor can stop the engineered monsters he’s set loose.Investigating the series of murders is Detective Carson O’Connor, who is cool, cynical, and every bit as tough as she looks. Her partner Michael Maddison would back her up all the way to hell itself – and that just may be where this case ends up.Deucalion, Frankenstein’s original and flawed attempt at replicating life, has travelled for two centuries with a secret worse than death. When he returns to New Orleans, his path leads him to O’Connor. Together, they must destroy a monstrosity that even Dr Frankenstein could not imagine. And Deucalion’s journey is fated to end in the ultimate confrontation between a damned creature and his mad creator.

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