Knights of Darkness. Mize

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Knights of Darkness. Mize
Шрифт:Меньше АаБольше Аа

Chapter 1 Surprise

Into battle 110 battalion! We must defeat them ! Fighters go ahead! Don't let them beat us!… This battle was not easy. There are a lot of losses. We are flying to the base… Mayz Inkrald (General of all battalions) calls you. Incrald himself? Strange. I'll go well, I wonder why he needs me?.. Did you call the General? Yes, Mize. I am very pleased with your victory in the battle on the planet Ginza. Thank you General, I try never to disappoint you. You behaved very well in the battle and led the battalion to victory. In this battle, your battalion suffered the least losses. I decided to create a trial, the best battalion. You've probably heard of him. Battalion forty-one? Yes, this one. I want to include the best fighters, engineers, pilots and so on in it. Good idea! I have already started creating it and there are already some soldiers there. And I'm going to add you to this battalion! Come on, General, I'm not worthy of such reverence! I just won one of the fights. Mize, you didn't just win, but led to victory without much loss. This is very much appreciated here. So pack up! Thank you General, I will try to meet your expectations! And where is my future cabin? Come on, I'll show it to you. Good.

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