Knights of darkness killed by order. Volume 1

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Knights of darkness killed by order. Volume 1
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Chapter 1 the fall

… Oh no… Wolfe, we've been hit… We are urgently boarding the Crown. Oh, this abandoned planet Where only owners and mercenaries live. This is a forced measure, and there will be no trace of us left. It's good that we have friends there with smugglers, well, we can fly away. Our ship knows, we will have to take paint somewhere and repaint the ship… Get ready! The landing will be tough… Everybody buckle up!

Chapter 2 Crown

Oh… Is everyone alive? Yes. We get dressed For our father. We're going out. So which country is Vince in? According to my data in the right side. Come on, thanks Phil. And how far away? Three hundred meters across the desert. Well, not so far. Now we need to find Middle and tell her everything. Is there no one?.. Open the hatch. We climb in. Closing it. Oh, what people… my old acquaintances. How? Yes, Middle is bad. After the order to destroy the army, life is very bad for us. A hunt has been announced for us, they are trying to kill us. We were fighting in orbit and we were shot down, so we fell. The third engine was knocked out and now we can't fly far from orbit. The Hunt is already open for you. You need to get out faster. I will help you with this. I have a cargo ship, we will pick up your ship and leave the planet. It will be necessary to look for that planet Where you can lay low and repair your ship… Is this the rattletrap flying? Yes, Sayfz. She is also quite fast point come point to seat. Wolf sit down at the copilot's seat only Middle understood you. So where is your ship? Three hundred meters from the city in the desert… There he is, I see him. We pick him up and fly away. Interfacing. Done… Let's fly…

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