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New Year is a wonderful time when all dreams come true. Every nation has its own traditions of celebrating this wonderful holiday. And today I will tell you how they are celebrated in various countries of the world. Let's go to the celebration of this holiday and see how it is celebrated.


Here, in the very west of Europe, there is a very interesting tradition. Locals consider it important to eat one highlight for each of the twelve chimes, making wishes. Next, you need to jump off the chair, necessarily with the right foot. This action means career growth in the new, coming year. Also, the Portuguese pay special attention to the clothes in which they will celebrate the New Year. It should only be purchased and of a certain color, which depends on the wishes of its owner. Blue attracts good luck, red-love, yellow-money, green- health, white-peace, tranquility, truce, brown-career growth. I would like to add that the more usual celebration of the New Year among local people takes place at Christmas. Families gather at the table, give each other gifts and celebrate the holiday.

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