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Вопросы для практики речи. Английский
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1. Do you have many friends?

2. Do you spend much time with friends?

3. What do you do together?

4. What is your favorite activity?

5. Who is your best friend?

6. How long have you been friends with your best friend?

7. Tell me about one of your friends (their name, their age, where they work or study, etc.)

8. Are your friends same age as you?

9. Do you try to make new friends?

10. Tell me an interesting story that happened to you and your friend


1. How often do you listen to music?

2. What is your favorite band?

3. Are you a fan of any particular singer?

4. What device do you use to listen to music?

5. Do you usually listen to music in headphones?

6. Do you play any musical instrument?

7. Do you like Russian or English songs more?

8. Have you ever tried to make music?

9. Do you like to sing?

10. Does music make you want to dance?

Mobile phone

1. What mobile phone do you have?

2. What do you use it for?

3. How often do you use it?

4. How much does your phone cost?

5. What is the most expensive phone now?

6. What mobile operator do you use?

7. What can you say about the quality of mobile communication?

8. What was your first mobile phone?

9. Have you ever lost your phone?

10. How many days can you live without your phone?

Movies and shows

1. How often do you watch movies and shows?

2. What is your favorite movie or show?

3. What is the longest show you have ever watched?

4. Who is your favorite actor or actress?

5. Would you like to be a part of a movie or a show?

6. How much do actors and actresses earn?

7. What are the qualities of a good / bad actor or actress?

8. Are Russian movies or shows better than international ones?

9. Do you like going to the cinema?

10. Do you watch movies and shows in Russian or English?

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